Episode 005- Chef Paul Sorgule: What Makes You Jump Out of Bed in the Morning?

In his book, “Leadership Lessons from a Chef”, Chef Carroll talks about DREAMS, and how important it is to chase those dreams. In this episode we discuss the “Thing” within all of us that we are supposed to find, to dig out of ourselves and chase. It’s what makes us all different, makes an impact on others, and what makes us jump out of bed in the morning. So, how do you find that “Thing”? That’s what were discussing today on “The Recipe”.

Episode 004- Ted Johnson: 3 Time Super Bowl Champion with the New England Patriots

Teddy “3 Ring” Johnson got his nickname from winning 3 Super Bowls as a linebacker with the New England Patriots. He had a huge career in the NFL, making memorable tackles and developing smart plays in every game. But did it all come at a cost? Ted is known for his contributions to Concussion Awareness within the NFL. Tune in to find out just what he has to say on the matter, and how it affected him and his career moving forward today.

Episode 003- Chef Rick Moonen: Top Chef Masters, Godfather of Sustainability

Sustainability is an important topic, one that more and more people are recognizing and talking about every day. But it didn’t used to be… Chef Rick Moonen was one of the first Chef’s to recognize the change in the food industry, to see the effects of societies over consumption. Because of that, he is known today as the God Father of Sustainability. Running some of the most successful high end restaurants across the nation and eventually appearing on Top Chefs Masters, he was able to bring attention to the purity of the food we eat. But, just how did he get there? Tune in to find out!

Episode 002- Johnny Carrabba: “Never Forget Where You Come From”

Carrabba’s Italian Grill is one of the most successful restaurant chains across the United States. But how did it get it’s start? They say you should never mix business and family, but when did what everyone else says stop Johnny Carrabba? A young Sicilian boy making his mark on the restaurant scene, he kept his family and friends close by, working and living side by side everyday. And 25+ years later, he is a restaurant mogul. Tune in to find out just how he did it, and the secrets behind his ongoing success today.

Episode 001- John David Mann, New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Go-Giver”

The Inaugural episode of The Recipe!! We are so thrilled to bring you this podcast focused on the Secrets of Success and touching the hearts of those around us. Chef Carroll has kicked off this episode with a special guest, his co-author, John David Mann. Their book, “The Recipe” sparked the idea for this show, so we thought it more than appropriate to have John on to commemorate our first episode. Not to mention, John is one of the most successful people of our time.