Episode 006- Brian Dwyer: Where Are You Looking?

On this episode of “The Recipe”, we’re discussing personal attitudes and how it relates to the troubled employee. How do you inspire and coach and negative person to see the world differently? You teach people how to look! “Where are you looking and what are you looking for?” Learn how veer your staff in the right direction by showing them how to look towards the positive.

Episode 005- Chef Paul Sorgule: What Makes You Jump Out of Bed in the Morning?

In his book, “Leadership Lessons from a Chef”, Chef Carroll talks about DREAMS, and how important it is to chase those dreams. In this episode we discuss the “Thing” within all of us that we are supposed to find, to dig out of ourselves and chase. It’s what makes us all different, makes an impact on others, and what makes us jump out of bed in the morning. So, how do you find that “Thing”? That’s what were discussing today on “The Recipe”.